Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Walls

When Eric and I found our apartment the first thing we decided was to kiss our security deposit goodbye! If we were going to live here we were going to make it a home - which means painting the walls, installing light fixtures and nailing up the walls. While most of the paint colors took some investigating I knew from the moment I stepped foot in the bathroom that I was going to paint it black. Black paint has a reputation for being dark and Gothic but, as you can see in the photo's below, by contrasting it with bright colors and neutrals it can actually brighten a space up. 

Our bathroom may not be as sophisticated as the one above but its well on its way.



A quick note about painting with black: it takes several coats (our small bathroom took four) but its worth it. Thankfully we threw a painting party where our amazing friends helped us paint our new home. In one Sunday afternoon we managed to paint the bathroom, hallway and our bedroom. Not bad! 

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